How to reclaim unused road tax when scrapping a car?

How to reclaim the unused road tax when scrapping a car?

Scrapping a car makes it possible to get a road tax refund from DVLA. Back in 2014, the DVLA launched a new online system that made road tax registration and refunding electronic. The days when you could just walk in with your tax office and get the refund was here by over. I this article we will explain exactly how to get the road tax refund within 6 weeks after scrapping your car.

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The road tax follows the person

Before 2014 the road tax was attached to the car. So, at that point you could sell your car with remaining road tax. Today the road tax follows the person. So, when you sell or scrap your vehicle, the refund will go to you alone.

How much road tax refund am I entitled to?

Any full month left of your road tax will be refunded to you. Many people ask if DVLA has an online road tax calculator, but they do not. Frankly, it is not necessary. As an example, if you sell or scrap your vehicle the 18. Of July and your road tax is paid until the end of December, you will get refunded 5 full months. Simple.

Can I get a refund if I make a SORN?

SORN stands for Statutory Off-Road Notification. And yes, it is not only for scrapping or selling your car getting you a road tax refund from the DVLA. To make it clear, SORN means that the car cannot drive on a public road. Applying for SORN is easily done on the DVLA online service desk. All you need is the 11-digit number on the V5C, and you should see the refund in a matter of few weeks. People who make use of a SORN is mostly people who own vast areas of lands and who are in a need of a vehicle to get from a to b on their own property.

How to reclaim road tax refund?

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Once you have a deal with the car breaker or scarp yard, you will need to hand over the V5C (vehicle logbook) to the buyer. Keep the yellow "sell, transfer or part-exchange your vehicle to the motor trade". You will need that for telling DVLA that you have scraped the car.

You do it online

Go to the DVLA online service center and tell DVLA that the car is scraped. Within 4-6 weeks you will receive road tax refund cheque by mail. Notice that DVLA can fine you £1000 for not telling them that you have scarped the car. This is therefore important that you do.


What to do with my car insurance when I scrap my vehicle?

It is always a good idea having dialog with your car insurance agent before scrapping your car. He or she are experts in that area. But have you already scraped your car, told DVLA that the car is no longer i your possession, send the V5C to DVLA, you can for sure cancel the car insurance for your old vehicle


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