Terms of service

1. Generally

Scrap4more.co.uk is operating as an independent service provider between car buyer and car seller. Therefore, scrap4more.co.uk have no part in the car deal itself, and cannot be held liable for the car deal or any money exchange between the car seller and car buyer. 


2. The highest price

Scrap4more.co.uk' primary purpose is to offer the highest price for the vehicle. Scrap4More.co.uk push the car in to a bid round in a network of scrap dealers, car breakers and dealers throughout Great Britain. Based on the offers, scrap4more.co.uk undertakes to send the offer with the highest price to the seller. The seller can contact scrap4more.co.uk at any time for other offers.

scrap4more.co.uk strives to send the highest price to the seller. If the seller choose to deliver the car himself, but can get a higher price by the car being picked up on site, that will be the price that will appear in the offer. Should the seller wish the car to be picked up, the stated price will always include pick up. 

Scrap4more.co.uk strives to offer 99% of our customers an offer for their car within 24 hours. However, there may be cases where Scrap4more.co.uk cannot send an offer.


3. The price

The price the seller is offered is the price the buyer is committing to pay for the car. The price includes all costs. Thus, there will be no additional costs for unregistering the car, re-registering, on site pick-up, etc.

If the condition of the car differs significantly from what is stated by the seller, the buyer may choose to cancel the transaction or offer a new price based on the actual condition of the car.

Significant deviations are damage and defects not disclosed by the seller, debts in the car that are not disclosed, incorrect mileage information, etc. If there is debt in the car, this is exempt, and it will be the seller's responsibility to pay off any debts there may be in the car.


4. Delivery / pickup

The terms of delivery (picked up/delivered) are provided by the seller when he/she enter the cars' info. The specific time of delivery/pickup is agreed directly between the seller and the buyer. The buyer and seller undertake to contact each other as soon as possible or at the latest within 7 days, unless otherwise agreed. 


5. Purchase agreement and payment

The buyer is obliged to pay the agreed price. The payment method (bank transfer, cheque etc.) is agreed directly between the seller and the buyer. Similarly, the preparation of the purchase contract is a part of the deal between buyer and seller. 

scrap4more.co.uk is therefore not related to either the purchase contract or how and when the purchase price paid.

NOTE: Under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act, introduced October 2013 to combat metal theft, particularly copper from railway lines, it is illegal for anyone to pay cash for scrap cars. Most will issue a cheque or make a payment directly into your bank account


6. When you accept the offer

It is free to use scrap4more.co.uk and the offer you receive is non-binding. The deal binds only when you choose to accept the offer you have received. Once the deal is done, you have 7 days to complete the deal with the buyer (the car breaker or the car dealer).


7. Right of withdrawal

Should you for any given reason wish to not make use of the offer after you have accepted it, scrap4more.co.uk reserves the right to invoice £20 including VAT as a handling fee. We do this to cover the costs and time needed to cancel the deal with the buyer.


8. Availability 

If the car needs to be picked up, by the buyer, it is important that the car is available. Available means that the buyer must be able to access the car by truck so that the car can be easily loaded.

It is also a prerequisite that the car can roll (i.e. have wheels) so that the car can be pushed/pulled on to the load of the truck. If the car is not available, this information must be submitted to the buyer before the pick-up takes place.

In the event that the car is not available to the buyer, the buyer may choose to cancel the deal. If the buyer is not informed of the lack of availability, the buyer may choose to invoice the seller for unsuccessful pickup of the car.

For pickup, the car must also be at a connected location. For example, if the car is located on a non-bridged island, the buyer may choose to cancel the transaction


9. Complaint and complaint

If you believe that there has been an error in our case management or if you wish to complain about one of our dealers, you can always contact us. Complaints and complaints should be addressed to:

85 Great Portland Street
+44 3308 08 80 98